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A canvas for the manufacture of tarpaulins made from polyester yarn of high strength by a renowned producer. It is PVC-coated on both sides, while the surface is finished. The special surface finish provides for a very good ink adhesion (printing or coating) and is recommended by the leading manufacturers of digital printing equipment.

This canvas is suitable for boat cover fabrics. As it is water resistant, it keeps the boat interior dry, thereby protecting metal parts against corrosion. A special coating on the canvas carries moisture from inside out and not the other way round. It assures a perfect protection against heavy rain, sunlight, moisture and snow. Protecting boats with the nautex canvas will result in:

- Lower maintenance costs
- Preserved market value
- Longer service life
- Less cleaning, etc.

This professional collection of canvases is suitable for digital printing. It assures excellent ink adhesion and brilliant colours.
Frontlite is a classical canvas for digital printing, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
The Backlite canvas is translucent, which is why it is used for the manufacture of sign boards.
Blockout is a non-translucent canvas, impenetrable to light, it can therefore be digitally printed on both sides.

Flame-resistant canvas
Canvas is mainly used for the manufacture of tent fabrics; it is fire-proof and flame-retardant.

A wind permeable canvas can be digitally printed with solvent inks. Due to its wind permeability it is an excellent solution for larger (jumbo) billboards set outdoor.

Reflective tapes
Research work showed that at least 40% of traffic accidents involving trucks are due to insufficient visibility of trucks at night. We strongly recommend that you equip your vehicle with reflective tapes to enhance visibility. All reflective tapes are made in conformity with the European standards and as of 1 July 2011 they form a part of obligatory equipment in Slovenia too.